Hayatını kaybeden adamın ailesine gönderilen faturada tedavi ücretlerinin 1 milyon 123 bin 600 dolar olduğu belirtildi.

T24'ün haberine göre, olayla ilgili Instagramdan paylaşım yapan kişi, "Kimse virüsle mücadele edip, kazandıktan sonra üstüne böyle bir fatura görmemeli" yazdı.

Hayatını kaybeden kişinin amcası olduğunu ve hastanede 4 hafta geçirdiğini ifade eden 'workshopgh' isimli Instagram kullanıcısı, "Bu paylaşımı insanları maske takmaya teşvik etmek için yapıyorum" yazdı.

Instagram kullancısı sosyal medya üzerinden sigorta belgelerini de paylaştı. Kullanıcı, amcasının tam sigorta sahibi olduğunu söylese de belgelerde sigorta şirketlerinin faturanın 101 bin 424 dolarını karşıladığı görülüyor.



I am posting this hoping it will encourage folks to wear a mask. I know it’s not anything having to do with crafts or store- apologies. This is a REAL insurance claim statement (not final bill) for 4 weeks of Covid in the hospital I just got today for my fully insured Uncle that we lost. Over ONE million dollars for one person. Insurance paid $100,000 of it- 10%. Mind you they may accept insurance and clear this balance but even so- these numbers are insane. With double insurance (Medicare and private). If you were an uninsured person who spent 4 weeks on a ventilator like my Uncle did you could have a $1 million+ bill like this? In what world would a hospital value services at these rates. The most insane part is pharmacy was $470k. Chloroquine was a big part of that I’m sure. A medication that was pulled and didn’t work cost probably hundreds of thousands. More than anything else on the summary. More than the actual hospital stay. This all just demonstrates a broken system in need of reform. We won’t have to settle a final bill this high but it’s still terrifying to get a statement like this. There are limited ways for me to be an Activist about this and be heard, fight for change on how the virus is being ignored by many/ handled and the Federal govt lack of leadership on this that could have saved many, but I’ll continue to fight how I can, write letters and share our family’s story to hopefully get more people to atleast wear masks and possibly see a day with #healthcareforall. How many people have to die and get sick before we have national safety standards in place? How many more health care workers have to fight this without support they need to fight this as numbers rise again? No one should have to face this virus alone and make it out to get bills like this. Let alone his family after the fact and when we’ve called them to explain to insurance that he has passed numerous times. With this infuriating insight and fear of increased cases- I am back to making masks every day. We also will still take donations of masks for our neighborhood. If you need one I got you. Please be safe❤️. #covid19 #wearamask #maskmakers #insuranceforall #medicalreform

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